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corset training

Corset Mastery Course

Corset Mastery Course

Asymmetric Mono-strap Bodice

In this course, I show you how to manipulate your contoured bodice into an Asymmetric Mono-strap design.

skirt pattern


In this course you will learn how to draft a basic skirt pattern and how to sew it into a beautiful skirt. You will also learn how to manipulate your basic skirt pattern into a tapered skirt, a low rise skirt, a high waist skirt and an A-line skirt.


The Perfect Bodice Masterclass

The Perfect Bodice Masterclass

how to properly sew in your darts

How to sew your Darts in

In this video tutorial, I show you how to sew in your darts.

Sewing Machine and stitches

Intro 7 – Sewing 101

In this course, we un-boxed a brand new sewing machine, discussed all its parts and uses, used our downloadable templates to practice sewing and we learnt 10 different stitches you'd find useful in your sewing career.

10 Reasons why you make ill fitting bodices

10 Reasons why you make ill fitting bodices

in this IG replay, we discuss 10 Reasons why you make ill fitting bodices.

8 tips to having clean seams

8 Tips to have Clean Seams as a Tailor

In this IG replay we discuss 8 tips to having clean seams

10 reasons fashion businesses fail

10 Reasons Fashion Businesses Fail

In this IG replay, we discuss 10 reasons fashion businesses fail.

taking accurate body measurements

Intro 6 – Taking Accurate Full Body Measurements

In this course you will learn how to take accurate full body measurements, tips for taking accurate measurements and the body points to note.

understanding your tape rule

Intro 5 – Understanding your Tape Rule

This course takes you through a detailed video illustration and worksheet on how to identify and name all the markings on your tape rule so you can take accurate measurements for your sewing projects.

Introduction to pattern drafting

Intro 3 – Introduction to Pattern Drafting & its Terminologies

This course introduces you to pattern drafting, methods of drafting patterns and the basic pattern sets. A detailed list of sewing and Pattern Drafting Terminologies to guide you in your fashion career journey.

Introduction to Fashion and Design

Intro 2 – Introduction To Fashion and Design

Introduces you the the world of fashion design, structures, types, Roles, principles and elements in fashion and lots more.

so you want to be a fashion designer

Intro 1 – So You Want To Be A Fashion Designer

An expository discussion on the things you need to grow your fashion designing business.

Pattern Drafting and Sewing Tools

Intro 4 – Pattern Drafting and Sewing Tools

A video illustration, showing all tools with explanation of their uses. A downloadable document with a list of all tools and their uses.