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Introduction Courses

10 reasons fashion businesses fail

10 Reasons Fashion Businesses Fail

In this IG replay, we discuss 10 reasons fashion businesses fail.

Introduction to pattern drafting

Intro 3 – Introduction to Pattern Drafting & its Terminologies

This course introduces you to pattern drafting, methods of drafting patterns and the basic pattern sets. A detailed list of sewing and Pattern Drafting Terminologies to guide you in your fashion career journey.

Introduction to Fashion and Design

Intro 2 – Introduction To Fashion and Design

Introduces you the the world of fashion design, structures, types, Roles, principles and elements in fashion and lots more.

so you want to be a fashion designer

Intro 1 – So You Want To Be A Fashion Designer

An expository discussion on the things you need to grow your fashion designing business.

Pattern Drafting and Sewing Tools

Intro 4 – Pattern Drafting and Sewing Tools

A video illustration, showing all tools with explanation of their uses. A downloadable document with a list of all tools and their uses.